5 Artists we’d love for Switzerland at Eurovision 2020

5 Artists we'd love for Switzerland at Eurovision 2020

Switzerland is going internal for Eurovision 2020. But who are our top tips for another Swiss success in 2020.

Switzerland is joining the party in the Netherlands next year. SRF has announced it will choose the singer and song internally, as they did last year. That doesn’t stop us however from having a look at who we would love to see for Switzerland at Eurovision next year? So, here they are, the five artists we’d love to see submit a song in September.

Artist #1 – Damian Lynn

First up is 28-year-old singer-songwriter Damian Lynn from Kriens-Obernau. He’s got quite some experience under his belt. Started off at the as lead singer for the band Sway89 later known as Northwest with who he won the Central Switzerland talent competition back in 2009. In 2012 he left the band to focus on his solo career, which has so far resulted in two albums, a Best talent award at the Swiss Music Awards in 2016 and a massive hit back in 2017 with When we do it. After a year out, new material is surfacing and it’s poppy, with a singer-songwriter edge. Check out his latest single below:

If Damian were to submit a song, and be chosen, he’d make a marvellous successor for Luca. Find out more about Damian on Twitter or Instagram

Artist #2 – Hecht

SRF’s brief is pure and simple. They want to bring something unique to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. If Zurich based band Hecht were to apply, they’d definitely bring something unique and a lot of energy. Staging wouldn’t be a problem either. The band’s notorious for their original music videos, dance performances, and rehearsed choreographies. The band performs exclusively in Swiss dialect, so that would be another big eye catcher in our opinion. The band released their most recent album, Oh Boy, last year so perfect timing to submit a little 3min track in September we think.

Like what you hear? Give the band a follow via Twitter or Instagram here.

Artist #3 Scilla Hess

Now the name of Scilla might sound familiar and there’s a good reason for that. Scilla was actually shortlisted by one of the other Swiss broadcasters to be taken up in the 2019 selection with Playground. Not the first time though, she attempted to go to Eurovision in 2010 already with a song called Barbie doll. She didn’t win but her desire to end up at Eurovision is still very very huge. Her uptempo fusion of jazz and pop got us seriously excited. Scilla’s also released a new single Dancing with a demon not so long ago. It’s jazzy, sexy and sultry. This could work really well for Switzerland. Plus how insanely beautiful does this lady look?

Scilla’s currently residing in LA, recording music, so keep an eye out with this extremely talented, foxy redhead has up her sleeve in the future. (Twitter/Website)

Artist #4 – Kadebostany

If the brief is unique then we have another underground Swiss act ready for you, who might just be right for the job. Formed in 2008, Kadebostany is a band formed by DJ/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany, aka President Kadebostan. They featured on the fifty shades of Grey soundtrack, and bagged an appearance on the official playlist of tracks played on the moon. All little details, that will spark even more interest with the commentators during the live show. And then there’s the music itself. With half a billion streams on Youtube, their music is widely appreciated and sought after. Not to mention their reputation of being a must see live act.

Their latest single Mind if I stay, is a strong sample of how electro-pop could work at Eurovision if it’s done right. (Twitter / Instagram)

Artist #5 – Ilira

And finally, our last artist we’d love to see at Eurovision for Switzerland. Born to a Kosovar father and an Albanian mother who raised her in Brienz, Switzerland, Ilira Gashi has it all going for her to be Switzerland’s next big pop star. Kosovar/Albanian stars do well at Eurovision (Rona Nishliu, Eugent Bushpepa, Eleni Foureira) so major tick there Switzerland! With a big pop anthem, like Ilira’s single Do it yourself, we could once again see Switzerland in the higher regions of the Eurovision scoreboard. What are you waiting for Iliara! Get that songwriting team! Zurich 2020!

Follow Ilira’s journey via Twitter or Instagram

And those are the five artists we’d love to see in the running for Switzerland. But what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Who else would be a great option to keep Switzerland in that top 5? Let us know in the comments.

Switzerland booked its best Eurovision result since 1993 in Tel Aviv, when Luca Hänni finished fourth with She got me. The singer was internally selected.

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